South-East Network of Disabled People's Organisations (SENDPO)

Member Survey July 2015

At SENDPO's members meeting on 29 July 2015 we will be discussing how SENDPO can best provide support to its member DPOs around the South-East.  To help provide a starting point for that discussion, it would be helpful if you could spend about 15 minutes completing the following survey to give us some feedback and tell us about the current priorities for your organisation.
You can either complete this survey online by noon on Monday, 27 July 2015, or Tehresa Hodge, SENDPO's Policy and Development Officer, will be happy to complete it with you over the phone or via Skype.  If you have any questions, or you would like to arrange a time to complete the survey with Theresa, please e-mail her at or telephone her on 07967 622405.
Section A - About Your Organisation
A3. What is the legal structure of your organisation?  (Please tick all that apply).
A4. Which Local Authority area(s) of the South-East does your organisation cover?

Section B. SENDPO Member Meetings

A key aim of SENDPO is to share learning and good practice among its members.  WE believe our member meetings provide a good opportunity for shared learning to take place,, so we want to make sure that they meet the needs of our members.
B1. Have you attended any SENDPO member meetings in the last 18 months?
B2. If "Yes", which of the following locations / meetings have you attended?
B3. On average, how useful have you found the member meetings you have attended?
B6. Have any of the following situations prevented you from attending any of the member meetings?
B7. How would you prefer to take part in member meetings?
It is important for organisations to continually develop the services they offer to local disabled people, and we have sometimes used member meetings as an opportunity for our members to share their experiences of delivering particular services.
B8. Would your organisation benefit from learning more about any of the following service areas?

Section C - Funding and Sustainability

It is important for us to make sure that SENDPO represents the needs of both the larger and smaller DPOs among its membership.  It would be helpful to know some information about your organisation's funding situation.situation and any issues you are currently facing as a DPO.
C2. Do you expect the amount of funding your organisation receives next year to be more or less than the amount received this year?
C3. Do you receive funding from any of the following:
C4. If you do not receive funding from the Local Authority or Health Service, would you like to be commissioned by them to deliver services?
C5. When are your existing funding agreements due to end?
C6. Has your organisation experienced any cuts to funding in recent times as a direct result of austerity measures by your Local Authority / Health Service?
C7. If "No", do you expect your organisation to face cuts to funding in the near future?
C8. How far into the future do you currently feel able to make plans for your organisation?
C9. Does your organisation have any of the following to help you plan for the future?
SENDPO recognises that in the current economic climate many small DPOs are experiencing challenges to keep their organisation sustainable.  We are able to offer small and developing DPOs a grant of up to £500 for something that they could otherwise not afford to help them with their next steps towards longer-term sustainability.
C10. Has your organisation received a grant of up to £500 from SENDPO?
C11. If "No", have there been any factors which have stopped your organisation from applying for a grant?

Section D. Developing Your Organisation

as well as sharing good practice at our member meetings, it's important that we develop other ways of supporting our members, and that this support is tailored to the needs of their organisation.done in a way that's accessible to them.
D1. Would your organisation benefit from receiving training or one-to-one support in any of the following areas?
D2. Which of the following methods of support would you be happy to receive?
Thank you very much for taking the time to fill in this questionnaire. Please press the "Submit" button below.
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