SENDPO Membership Form for Disabled People's Organisations

Section A - About Your Organisation

Full (Voting Membership is Open to any organisation working in the South-East of England which meets the “Essential” elements of the Department of Health’s 21 ULO Design Criteria as described in Appendix 1 of SENDPO's Terms of Reference and whose Trustees/Directors are able to adopt SENDPO’s values.  SENDPO's Terms of Reference can be found by visiting
Postal Address
Chief Executive / Chief Officer
Other Key Contacts
Please tell us which Local Authority Areas your organisation covers.
Does your organisation employ paid staff?
Does your organisation have any volunteers?
What is the legal status of your organisation?  (Please tick all that apply).
Section B. Activities, Services and Projects
(We acknowledge that not everything will fit neatly into boxes, but generally, services are ongoing whereas projects are time-limited).
Which of the following activities does your organisation provide?  (Please tick all that apply).
It is helpful for SENDPO to know about the range of services provided by its member organisations.  Which of the following services does your organisation directly provide to disabled people or external organisations?  (Please tick all that apply).
Does your organisation run any projects separate from the services mentioned above?  (Please tick all that apply).
Once you click the "Submit" button your form will be sent to SENDPO's Policy and Development Officer.  It will   be considered for approval by SENDPO’s Steering  Group, and you will be notified of their decision to approve or reject the application.  Please visit SENDPO's website at to see a list of SENDPO’s current Full (Voting) members.
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